Amazing Digital Rendering

This is a 3D marketing campaign for Stryntrappa, a Norwegian company designing and producing stairs. When shooting stairs you need lots of space, which can often be a challenge especially in the narrow hallways where stairs are usually placed, and it becomes quite expensive to build up these environments in the real world, so design agency Elle mElle collaborated with 3D studio Pikcells and interior stylist Susanne Swegen to create a series of amazing digital renderings to explore various solutions.



3 thoughts on “Amazing Digital Rendering

  1. I have to tell you that this is a Norwegian stair manufactorer called Stryntrappa and the companyname is Hagen AS. The graphic design and ideas comes from ELLE mELLE and the stylist is Susanne Swegen. Nice if you can change the wrong information 🙂


    • Dear Yvonne
      Thank you so much for your message. We were completely unaware of this and are grateful to you for alerting us of the correct information. Have a nice weekend!! 🙂
      Kind regards from Australia!
      Jane Catania


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