Beautiful hand crafted clay beaded chandeliers from South Africa

Introducing klaylife™ – Clay beaded chandeliers, proudly hand crafted by the women of South Africa.

While majority of lights are factory produced, these chandeliers have a human story. They’re lovingly made by the hands of local women on a small farm in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Our partner and designer Merewyn (owner of Hellooow Handmade) works closely with her team to hand create each work of art.

Drawing on African heritage and local craftsmanship, each bead is hand rolled using raw clay from the region. They are then dried, kiln fired and dip-dyed before being masterfully strung onto its unique wrought iron frame. This hand made process ensures that no two lights will ever be the same.

Initially, our chandeliers were crafted by local women whose lives had been impacted by HIV and so desperately needed an income to support their families. Over time, as our popularity grew, more and more women with differing circumstances approached Merewyn for work. As a result our criteria has been broadened to any local woman who is prepared to put in the effort to create something special.

In 2012, 8 ladies were permanently employed. There are now over 65 dedicated women rolling beads and creating their own masterpiece. More importantly, they’re making a difference to their local community.

Today our chandeliers can be found lighting up some of the most gorgeous homes, hotels, restaurants and reception centres around the world.

klaylife™ is run by a South African family now based in Melbourne, Australia.  Available to purchase online here.






The Family Love Tree

The Family Love Tree based in Melbourne, Australia is a treasure trove of finely handcrafted rattan furniture and lighting coupled with a beautifully curated range of soft furnishings which perfectly complement in delicious colour and texture. Images by Derek Swalwell and Armelle Habib.








String Lights by Michael Anastassiades for FLOS

Minimal and poetic like a pencil line drawn in the air, String Lights is an original suspension lamp, both conceptually simple and bold at the same time. Anastassiades has always sought the primordial and original essence of forms and materials. His designs move towards abstraction, in a search for purity that pursues an exercise of stripping away, taking objects and materials back their original dimension of bareness. “My work springs from an idea of subtraction. Because a naked object brought back to its bare essentiality is the ultimate, definitive expression of beauty.” His is a deceptive simplicity, giving rise to objects imbued with unexpected vitality, and displaying the highest quality craftsmanship. Suspension lamp. Available in two models: spherical and conical. Soft Touch technology for the adjustable switching. Images courtesy AMM Blog with thanks xx.







The Orient Pendant Lamp by Lightyears Denmark

Danish lighting manufacturer Lightyears have had their first relaunch of a classic icon. The Orient Lamp by Jo Hammerborg was originally produced in copper, brass and chrome however Lightyears have decided to only relaunch the copper version but in two sizes. The iconic pendant lamp with its organic shape and the detail of a top piece made from rosewood between the spun metal shade and the cable, was created by Jo Hammerborg in 1963 for one of the most important Danish lighting companies of the time, Fog & Morup.